Your Woo Words Won’t Sell Your Woo Work

Today's episode is about copywriting and the importance of the words that you use in your marketing
as a way of conveying the value that you sell and share with your audience. We are thrilled to host Hey Marvelous Co-Founder Sandy Connery, who shares her views on the current state of copywriting in the wellness industry. We learn about the importance of writing compelling copy, choosing interesting words, and the power of captivating copywriting. Then, we explore the common mistakes that people make when writing copy, how to paint the perfect picture with your words, how to write copy that sells, and how to be proactive without being controversial. This week’s call to action is for entrepreneurs (and especially women) to be unafraid of and to rather embrace their individuality. To end, Sandy and Jeni explain what you can do when you’re feeling stuck in your copywriting and where to start, with some crucial resources to help you along the way.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The current state of copywriting in wellness.

  • Why it’s vital to be able to write good copy, and why it matters to choose your words carefully.

  • Understanding the power of compelling copywriting.

  • Common mistakes that people make when writing copy; the dangers of ambiguity.

  • How to paint the perfect picture.

  • Learning about what sells and what doesn’t.

  • A call for (women) entrepreneurs to embrace being unique, interesting, and distinguishable.

  • How to be provocative without being controversial.

  • Where to start if you’re feeling stuck, and some helpful resources.


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