Why It’s Hard For You to Sell Wellness

As a healer, your purpose is clear: to uplift, heal, and guide. Yet, when it comes to promoting your services, it might feel like navigating a path that doesn't align with your soul.

How do you stay true to your heart-centered mission while promoting your craft?

Sure, sharing your knowledge might come naturally—whether you're creating content through social media, YouTube, or interacting with your audience. You love letting them into your world. 

However, when it's time to nudge people towards the next step, that familiar knot tightens in your chest.

You might be asking yourself:

“Will they think less of me?”

“What if they say no?”

“I hate bothering people.”

If self-promotion leaves you uneasy, you're not alone. For Pilates instructors, yoga practitioners, and holistic healers, “selling” your expertise can feel uncomfortable. 

Because true healing isn’t about pushing products for profit—it’s a calling to serve and share transformative practices. 

So, how do you sell health and wellness? 

Selling doesn’t have to feel gross. Heart-centered selling isn't about following robotic sales scripts or resorting to pushy tactics. It's a mindset shift that places people before profits, and this type of sales approach is rooted in honesty and genuine care.

So, let's explore four reasons why it’s so hard for you to sell wellness.

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You’re Not In It For The Money

Selling wellness is tough when money isn’t your driving force. What really drives you is guiding and teaching dedicated practitioners through life-changing practices. It's about their growth journey, not just earning more revenue. 

Now, let’s talk about money. 

Money is fundamentally a tool—an energy source. Like any tool, it’s all about how you use it. We’ve all heard sayings like, “Money is the root of all evil,” or “More money, more problems." 

What we don’t hear enough is how money can:

  • Empower growth 

  • Fuel innovation

  • Amplify your impact

In the wellness industry, launching an online course isn’t about accumulating large sums of money. It’s about consciously directing its flow towards causes aligned with our values, missions, and a purpose-driven world.

But let's face it, your business needs income to thrive. And income isn't a bad thing!

Money gives you choices and freedom, a privilege that not everyone has. Having more financial wiggle room means you can stop stressing over every micro decision, whether it's in your personal life or business.

It means you get to decide how you want to allocate your resources. As a business owner, money gives you the capacity to bring in the support you need to fulfill your vision.

Think about it: you might want to expand your team with more instructors or get outside help for tasks like making videos or designing graphics. Plus, having an accountant to handle your books is the key to keeping your business healthy.

Every business will have different needs. But as you grow, the ability to hire support will free up time to allow you to focus on what you do best.

We’ve Been Programmed This Way

Financial flexibility is more than a tool for personal and business freedom. 

It’s a gateway to making a broader impact. 

Sustainable businesses thrive on solid profit margins, but when you start a new business or launch a product, the instinct is often to set a low price. It’s about wanting to be affordable and avoid looking too money-focused, right?

Yet, strategic pricing isn't just about business stability. It empowers impactful choices like supporting education, helping charities, or backing smaller-scale initiatives that matter. Without healthy profits, offering financial support becomes an uphill battle.

Society has long conditioned women to shy away from seeking financial empowerment.

There’s this long-standing notion that female empowerment through finances is somehow harmful. Throughout history, we’ve been sidelined from managing money, making critical decisions, or holding substantial power—reserved as an exclusive domain for men.

However, we’re standing on the threshold of a new era.

We're entering a time where our voices can shape pivotal decisions, redefine cultures, and revolutionize global health systems—but it hinges on our willingness to embrace it.

You can set prices for profit while still honoring the roots of healing, ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for all.

Selling Doesn’t Feel Heart-Centered

When "sales" becomes the focus of your interaction with a potential client, it sets the stage for discomfort. But what if there was a different approach—one that prioritizes understanding needs over just making a sale?

You offer a product or service that can genuinely change lives. But if it stays under wraps, the world misses out. So, if you want to grow your business (and still feel good about yourself), it’s time to shift your mindset on sales.

The truth is selling is serving others.

Think of it this way:

You have a solution that addresses genuine problems for real people. Somewhere, someone is dealing with a problem that you can help fix. This person is interested in your solution because solving this issue matters to them.

Heart-centered selling is only wanting the sale if there's a good fit. It’s the desire to serve others above the urge to make a sale.

Throughout all your marketing communications, your focus should be on assessing if this person is a good fit for your product or services and whether or not you can help solve their problems. 

Selling isn’t about manipulating the person on the other side of a transaction. 

You don't need FOMO or fake scarcity tactics. 

You’re simply sharing something that you’re passionate about and uniquely qualified to teach—and you genuinely believe it could help them!

You Think The Market Is Over-Saturated

In a digital world filled with online coaches and wellness know-it-alls, it can feel like the landscape is already too saturated with creators. You might be feeling late to the game and wondering, “Is there really room for me?”

Everything is saturated! But the good thing is that you can always showcase your unique personality and market yourself differently. You just have to be creative. 

Maybe you stand out in this crowd by:

  • Providing an amazing customer experience

  • Being authentic + standing by your values in every aspect of business

  • Visual branding with bold + memorable design elements 

  • Creating content using a signature video editing style

It’s all about knowing your audience and their needs. That means finding specific niches, or a combination of things, or a particular flavor you bring to it.

(Plus, saturated markets are a good sign for creators: it means there's a significant demand. All you have to do is think of a way to do it better.)

So, how do you find out who is the target to truly get to know your audience better, start by asking:

  • What are their values? What fuels their passion and drives their decisions?

  • What big dreams are they chasing and what's lighting their path?

  • What hurdles or frustrations are they battling daily?

  • What motivates or drives them?

  • How do they prefer to consume information? (e.g., social media, blogs, videos)

  • Where are they hanging out online?

  • What feedback have they provided on your product/service?

  • What type of language or tone of voice resonates with them?

  • What barriers might prevent them from purchasing?

This is also the part where you put your blinders on and ignore what everyone else is doing. You’re on your own business journey. Keep in mind, Yoga With Adriene didn’t start with 12 million YouTube subscribers!

Conventional wisdom often nudges us to keep an eye on competitors, but this path often leads to imitation or one-upping in an endless race to outshine them—a strategy that rarely pays off.

Rather than copying competitors, the real trick is to brainstorm original ideas and fresh ways to promote yourself. Set the trend! Some of the most innovative ideas will come from unexpected places outside your industry.

While analyzing the competition holds value, the real magic happens when you seek inspiration beyond your industry!

Final Thoughts

Embrace the discomfort as you tread this path of selling wellness, and it can become a catalyst for growth. Envision yourself serving, nurturing, and leaving a profound impact along the way.

Keep in mind, selling can be heart-centered when your focus is solely on finding the right fit, AND pricing your services profitably can still honor your mission to heal.

And you know what? 

It's never too late. The market may seem saturated, but the world needs you.

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