Fringe Fertility with Kerry Hinds

“The 800 people on my email list are the most valuable thing that I can find.”

Kerry Hinds is the Founder and Owner of Fertile Body Yoga and the Host of the Fringe Fertility Podcast. In this episode, she shares her experience transitioning from yoga teacher to entrepreneur and starting a business based on her own fertility journey. She talks about the challenge of making yourself visible in order to reach your ideal audience, the wonderful tool of podcasting to educate listeners and allow them to get to know you, and the incredible value of an email list. Touching on the energetics of infertility, we dive into the difficult task of pricing in the wellness industry, knowing the value of your intellectual property, and connecting with professionals who serve the same people you do. Tune in for an enriching conversation that covers all this and more! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Kerry’s fertility journey influenced her interest in working with other women facing the same challenge.

  • Her experience of teaching yoga online and becoming an entrepreneur. 

  • Learning to put herself in the public eye in order to grow a business.

  • How podcasting has enabled Kerry to educate her audience.

  • What she sees as her most valuable connections.

  • The difficulty of pricing in the wellness industry.

  • Understanding the value of your intellectual property.

  • How Kerry has built relationships with doctors and how you can do the same

  • The difference results between blogging and podcasting

  • Predictions for the future of podcasting and a recommendation to start yours.

  • Kerry’s intention to move into more coaching and her aspirations to write a book.

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