7 Ways to Make the Most of the Marvelous Teaching Platform

Finding the right tools for teaching online can really make your work easier and more enjoyable. Marvelous has a ton of tools designed to attract new clients to your online coaching business!

While starting fresh is exciting, it’s easy to feel a bit lost or unsure of where to start when you have so many options. But the beauty of Marvelous is that it can grow with you. 

You don't have to jump into using every feature right away. Take your time, explore each tool, and tweak things to fit your business as it grows. We're always adding new features based on your feedback, but there's no rush—you don’t have to master everything at once!

So, if you’ve been struggling with shiny object syndrome and trying to figure out how to make the most of your business on Marvelous, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to do it all. You just have to focus on what truly matters for your business and let Marvelous support you.


Personalize Your Learning Paths

Today, the buzz around health and wellness is louder than ever. While healthy living isn't a new concept, the post-pandemic landscape is nudging people to rethink how they prioritize their well-being.

It's not just about going to the gym anymore. There's a growing emphasis on holistic wellness and mental health, with many people moving away from the DIY route and teaming up with a coach. In a recent study, Civic Science found that 36% of respondents have either teamed up with or are interested in working with a health and wellness coach.

This transformation aligns with a broader trend: the desire for tailored experiences. In an era where personalization matters more than ever, especially for millennials and Gen Z, how can you stand out with Marvelous?

One way is to offer tailored learning paths targeting different wellness goals: weight loss, stress reduction, or mindfulness. These paths can allow you to cater to specific needs and interests.

Let's say you're managing an online yoga studio. How can you craft these unique paths?

  • Weight Loss: You could develop a set of classes focused on strength-building poses such as arm sequences, inversions, and core-engaging sequences. Or you might introduce power yoga sessions that merge high-energy movements with longer holds to build endurance and strength.

  • Stress Reduction: Consider offering a series of gentle yoga sequences that embrace calming poses, deep breathing exercises, and extended relaxation techniques to soothe stress. You could also craft yoga classes combining restorative postures that melt away muscle tension along with guided imagery and mindfulness practices.

  • Mindfulness: Maybe you create mindfulness-based yoga sessions that integrate slow flows with mindful movements and meditation to leave your clients feeling calm. These yoga journeys might emphasize pranayama (breathwork) techniques intertwined with an asana practice that nurtures mental focus and presence.

Wellness is deeply personal. Everyone has a different reason for seeking it, and these goals evolve. Tailored paths let your clients move at their own pace, explore content that fits their current needs, and adapt their wellness journey as they grow and evolve!

Add Interactive Live Sessions

The pandemic completely reshaped how we approach fitness, especially workouts. With gyms and studios shutting down during lockdowns, online workouts became our lifeline. Yet, even as the world reopened, many realized they loved the convenience of at-home workouts. A recent survey showed that a whopping 56% now opt for home workouts over the gym.

You might start with an online course of pre-recorded content and decide to add live workouts into the mix. However, livestreaming can also be a fantastic way to build up your content library quickly and profitably!

Marvelous helps you recreate the in-studio vibe in your online sessions with live workouts. These real-time interactions cultivate a sense of community and engagement among students. It lets your students still get that group effect of working out with others, even in the virtual space.

Here are the top three ways to use the livestreaming tools:

  • One-on-One Private Sessions. Create a personal connection with private lessons or coaching sessions. These 1-on-1 sessions enhance motivation and build a strong, supportive bond between you and your clients. 

Plus, private sessions often come with premium pricing compared to group rates. In these sessions, you’ll use a split-screen setup where half the screen will be you, and the other half will be your client.

  • Group Sessions. To bring people together, try hosting a live-stream in a group format where students can chat with you and each other. This setup can work well for yoga teacher training, Q&A sessions, or small-group fitness challenges. It’s a way to share ideas and experiences and work together in a friendly, supportive space.

  • Broadcasts. In this setup, you can instruct an unlimited number of students. They can see and hear you, but you cannot see them, and they can’t see each other. A broadcast is much like Facebook Live and doesn’t use Zoom technology.

    Although broadcasts lack the personal touch found in private or group sessions, they let you reach a wider student audience. This format also appeals to introverts, shy folks, and learners who prefer self-paced learning.

In all these cases, Marvelous teachers can choose to record their entire sessions, and the recording can become part of your media library. You can add this video to any of your products or download it for repurposing. The more successful live streaming sessions you host, the more your content library grows!

Adapt Your Content

Wellness and healing isn't one-size-fits-all. The biggest perk of online fitness is its flexibility. Virtual studios cater to your client's schedules and preferences, meeting them wherever they are.

Learning isn't uniform either. Some folks absorb information best through visuals or videos, while others prefer listening to explanations or guided sessions. Others love written content for a good read. By serving up a mix of content styles, you’re opening the door wider and making your knowledge accessible to everyone, no matter their abilities or learning preferences.

Highlight various content formats like videos, podcasts, and written guides to cater to diverse learning styles and preferences. For instance, meditation coaches might offer guided audio sessions, while nutrition coaches could share recipe videos. A meditation coach might also share mindfulness journals, reflective prompts, or articles tailored for clients who prefer written content.

Use Tools for Visibility and Growth

Every successful online community thrives on an impactful marketing strategy. Without effective marketing, your course or membership might remain a hidden gem.

The Marvelous teaching platform offers built-in marketing tools like email campaigns (for existing clients), social media integrations, and referral programs to help instructors reach and attract more students.

The Marvelous Mail feature within the platform offers a seamless way to handle email broadcasts without additional tools. For instance, a broadcast email could include reminders for upcoming sessions or a weekly newsletter with tips related to your online classes. You might also share motivational quotes or success stories to keep your clients inspired and engaged in their journey. 

Introducing limited-time offers, discounts, or bonuses for signing up for additional courses or workshops within the platform can be part of your broadcast emails.

However, Marvelous Mail isn’t a comprehensive email marketing automation system. If you’re looking to automate email flows or segment your audience groups, you might need a more advanced tool. 

For advanced automation features, consider integrating an external email marketing platform like ConvertKit, MailChimp, or FloDesk to your Marvelous site. Through our Zapier integration, you can also use email marketing platforms like Contant Contact and Mailerlite.

Marvelous also offers an affiliate program that goes beyond just earning extra income for yourself. When you become a part of our email marketing affiliate program, you're not just supporting your own financial goals. You're also helping fellow wellness professionals create sustainable, thriving businesses.

Build One-on-One Momentum

Personalized feedback makes learning better for every client. In disciplines such as yoga, Pilates, or fitness, where everyone has different goals, form, and techniques, personalized feedback means the guidance fits each client's unique needs.

You can implement this through one-on-one messaging, intake forms, or even personalized progress reports. With Marvelous, instructors can set up intake forms before a student joins a course or live class. 

For example, if you're group coaching, you can offer 1:1 virtual coaching sessions for interested clients to work on form and function. You can share an intake form before the session so your client can tell you what they're excited to work on. It's easy to access—the private session intake form is in the calendar event description.

Even if the primary focus of your business is group classes, coaching could be an additional opportunity for your students to work on their form. You can sell coaching sessions in as little or as many packages as you want.

Even if your main business revolves around group classes, offering coaching sessions can help students looking to refine their form. With Marvelous, you're in control—you can sell coaching sessions in as little or as many packages as you want.

You can also use the Messaging Apps feature to offer feedback via private discussion forums that can be added to your Marvelous site. The Messaging app inside Marvelous now allows teachers to talk to students directly.

Strategies to Expand Your Revenue Growth

Once you’ve built a solid income stream through courses or coaching, you might want to consider additional ways to monetize your expertise, like a membership. 

Marvelous provides flexible monetization models such as one-time payments, subscriptions, or tiered memberships. This freedom lets instructors align their choices with their business strategy. 

A membership is a subscription model that can add consistent, ongoing revenue to your business. However, it’s more hands-on work for you because students need a reason to continue subscribing. 

For example, you could offer a tiered membership to your online Pilates studio. Maybe one level gets you basic access to pre-recorded sessions while premium tiers unlock live classes and personalized coaching. 

If you’re a mindfulness coach, you could offer specialized meditation courses for one-time payments and subscription-based access to a library of guided meditation sessions that encourage regular, ongoing practice for subscribers.

Similarly, a nutrition coach might create a subscription-based membership that offers weekly meal plans, recipes, and live Q&A sessions. There are all kinds of ways to get creative with how you build revenue streams for your businesses.

Driving Growth with Data-Driven Insights

We equip instructors with detailed analytics to track student engagement, course performance, and areas for improvement. This data-driven approach can help you refine your content and teaching methods for an even better learning experience.

You can track sales and client activity with reports on your personal dashboard. These reports, available in graphs and listed formats under the 'Reports' tab, along with the 'Customers' section tracking client accounts, offer a clear view of client engagement, spending behavior, and purchase details.

These tools act as a window into your audience's preferences. By checking out which classes or programs resonate most, you can tweak your offerings for a better fit.

Final Thoughts

It’s never been a more exciting time to be in the health and wellness industry. With the shift towards online health and wellness coaching, there's a real hunger for personalized guidance and holistic well-being. Marvelous gives you the chance to transform how you teach and connect with a wider audience. 

If you're a Marvelous customer who is seeking additional support with how to make the most of these tools, join our bi-weekly customer success calls. These Q&A sessions are your space to ask anything on your mind about optimizing your Marvelous site!

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