Building an Online Business with Tami Robinson

“I feel like there’s still some resistance to online courses for yoga in the circles I run in.”

Finding a way to make an impact in the lives and overall wellness of individuals is no easy feat, and today’s guest, Tami Robinson took a massive leap by leaving her job with the federal government to pursue a career in yoga. 

In this episode, you will hear all about our guest’s love for the wellness world, starting her own business, why she immediately entered the online space with her focus on the Great Yoga Wall. 

We delve into what her plans and goals are for this year before she provides insight into her content strategy. 

We even discuss how her colleagues have responded to her “unconventional” business. Finally, Tami tells us why she has decided to offer her online course on-demand.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Tami transitioned from her federal government job to the wellness world. 

  • Starting her own business and why she decided not to own her own yoga studio. 

  • What her business looks like today and how she’s pivoted since the pandemic. 

  • Her focus on the Great Yoga Wall and why that’s her niche. 

  • Plans for her business in 2024 and beyond. 

  • What her content strategy looks like and how much time social media content takes her. 

  • How her friends and colleagues have responded to the strategies she’s implemented. 

  • The ‘WHY’ behind her online courses. 


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