YouTube Trends in 2024 with Meredith Marsh

“If you're trying to create content to grow [your] business, I think long-form content is really still the bread and butter.”

Today we are joined by the wonderful Meredith Marsh, aka VidProMom. Meredith is a video creator and founder of VidPro Studio, where she leverages her expertise to help other creators look good, sound good, and feel good so that they can build a thriving YouTube channel. 

We sit down with Meredith today to talk about her business journey, mastering the YouTube algorithm, and how she is helping her clients crush it on camera.

Tuning in you’ll hear her top insights on how to get started as a YouTuber in 2024, the biggest lessons she’s learned from building her YouTube channel, and how she took control of her revenue streams and mastered her business strategy.

Join us for all of Meredith’s thought-provoking insights as we take a deep dive into YouTube, video creation, and what it takes to start your channel in 2024!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Meredith got started in the creator economy in 2015.

  • Advice for anyone who wants to become a YouTube content creator in 2024.

  • Why she encourages her clients to create videos with topics that are tightly linked together.

  • Insights on how to optimize videos for the algorithm.

  • How to use keyword research to select video topics.

  • Advice for choosing the right video styles depending on your niche.

  • How often you should publish when you’re starting out.

  • Why building a library of content is essential.

  • A breakdown of what you will need to start your YouTube channel.

  • The circumstances that prompted Meredith to narrow down her revenue streams.

  • How Meredith developed and refined her content business strategy.

  • The distinctions between having an influencer business versus a creator business.

  • Meredith’s strategy for getting leads and prompting viewers to opt into her business.


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