Supporting Women Online Through Menopause with Sara Eker

“Everything is just practice. The more I did it, the easier it got. Now, I don’t even [have to] think about it – I know how to do so many things that I didn’t know how to do.”

Today, we have Sara Eker on the show to share her story of how she built an online wellness business from the ground up.

Trained as a Pilates teacher and fitness instructor, she joined forces with a menopause specialist to create Club Spirit, an online holistic treatment clinic that helps frustrated women struggling through menopause get back to feeling fit, healthy, confident, and sexy by using a proven mix of exercise, nutrition, stress relief, and MHT (Menopause Hormone Therapy). 

Menopause is a natural transition into what can be an exciting new chapter of life. But years of stigma and misinformation have left many women unable to find the reliable guidance and treatment they need. 

As a 51-year-old working mother going through menopause herself, Sara Eker worked hard to find ways to reduce her symptoms, maintain a healthy weight, and stay positive and motivated during this challenging time of life and she wanted to help others do the same. 

Listen in to hear Sara’ take on why strategy and simplicity are so important, and the tenacity it takes to lean in and follow your passion. We also touch on 2024 wellness trends and much more, so don’t miss this inspiring episode of The Wellness Creator Podcast!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An overview of Sara’s wellness business, Club Spirit.

  • Personal experiences that inspired Sara to guide other women through menopause.

  • Important lessons she learned as she took her first steps as a wellness entrepreneur.

  • The critical role of practice (and product development).

  • Reasons to make one thing successful rather than diversifying your offering. 

  • How Sara knew she had hit on her “one thing” with Club Spirit’s menopause membership.

  • Encouraging advice for fledgling entrepreneurs: keep going, it gets easier!

  • What has surprised Sara most as she built her business.

  • Why you should always keep your mission in mind.

  • Practical tips, trends, and tools for wellness creators in 2024.


Sara Eker on LinkedIn

Club Spirit, website

Club Spirit, IG


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