Unleashing the Power of Affiliate Marketing with Emmet Gibney

“Make your affiliates feel like they are a part of the community. Make them feel like you actually care about your affiliate program and that it is a priority.”

Affiliate programs are a valuable marketing strategy for businesses looking to grow their existing following and increase sales. By leveraging the reach and influence of affiliates, brands can tap into new audiences, drive traffic, and ultimately boost revenue. 

Today on the podcast, we are joined by Emmet Gibney, CEO at Rewardful, to unpack the world of affiliate marketing and uncover how it can supercharge your growth and expand your existing following. Rewardful is an all-in-one affiliate management software designed to empower SaaS companies to set up and manage affiliate and referral programs seamlessly. 

In our conversation, we start by learning about Emmet’s background, what Rewardful does, and the exciting collaboration it has formed with Hey Marvelous. We delve into the benefits of rewarding word of mouth through affiliate programs and how Rewardful makes it easy for both the customer and the business. 

Discover how the marketing landscape is evolving and ways of setting up and managing an affiliate program. Gain insights into how the perception of affiliate links has changed, “earnings per click” content, steps to help affiliates sell your business, the basic principles of an affiliate program, and much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Background about Emmet, his company Rewardful, and the services it provides.

  • Hear details about the collaboration between his company and Hey Marvelous.

  • How to know when your business is ready to set up an affiliate program.

  • Leveraging an affiliate program to grow your existing following.

  • The difference between an affiliate program and a customer referral program.

  • He shares his perspective on how the marketing landscape has shifted.

  • Resources needed to set up an affiliate program and how to make it appealing.

  • Discover strategies to direct and funnel customers to affiliate links.

  • Explore the benefits and limitations of affiliate marketing.

  • Learn how to structure your commissions and the percentages.

  • Common mistakes and pitfalls to avoid when setting up an affiliate program.


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