From Dancer to Entrepreneur with Hannah Teutscher

“Some of the greatest things I’ve done have been making those big mistakes and then saying, ‘What did I learn from that?.”

Today’s guest used her passion for dance to power through an injury and pivot her career from dancer to studio owner.

Hannah Teutscher joins us to share her journey on embracing her identity as an entrepreneur and her passion for the wellness industry. 

Tuning in, you’ll hear all about her dancing career, the injury that ended it, how she started her Pilates studio and when she started seeing herself as an entrepreneur. 

We delve into her goals for her business before she tells us all about her incredible online offering and teacher training. 

Finally, Hannah shares some advice for budding entrepreneurs. From social media to AI, this episode is jam-packed with incredible pearls of wisdom, so be sure to press play now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An overview of Hannah’s career as a dancer (and how it ended). 

  • How she got into the wellness world and became an entrepreneur. 

  • The pivotal moment when she started to see herself as an entrepreneur. 

  • Practical advice for anyone transitioning into entrepreneurship. 

  • Hannah’s business expansion goals and franchising plans. 

  • What her online offering looks like and the flexibility it offers. 

  • The one thing she would do differently if she could start over knowing what she knows now. 

  • What’s next for Hannah’s business and why she isn’t traveling that often at the moment. 

  • Why she wants to use AI to increase her productivity without compromising her authenticity. 

  • How Hannah and her team use Metricool and why it’s so helpful. 


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