Design Your Membership So It’s Never Boring

In this brand new YouTube series, we’ll provide short, actionable, online business-building tips for wellness creators.

We’ll talk about frequently asked questions that we receive as the co-founders of Marvelous and as two women building businesses on the internet for the last 10 years.

In this episode we discuss strategies for designing engaging and dynamic memberships.

Creating memberships that are enjoyable for both creators and its members is paramount to a revenue-generating offer.

Listen in to learn how memberships offer creators both flexibility and creativity inherent in the business model.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Membership design should prioritize enjoyment and engagement for both creators and members.

  • Embrace flexibility and creativity in crafting membership experiences.

  • Move beyond uploading content to co-create with the audience.

  • Explore different membership models.

  • Avoid overwhelming members with excessive content.

  • Foster community building within the membership to enhance engagement and support.

  • Integrate additional elements like challenges, book clubs, and private coaching to enrich the membership experience.


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Danielle Joseph

I own a full-service design studio. We build unforgettable brand experiences.

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