Teaching Online in 2024: What You Need to Get Started

In this brand new YouTube series, we’ll provide short, actionable, online business-building tips for wellness creators.

We’ll talk about frequently asked questions that we receive as the co-founders of Marvelous and as two women building businesses on the internet for the last 10 years.

In this episode we’re simplifying the process to get started teaching online.

Listen in to hear the essential equipment you’ll need such as digital cameras and microphones.

Additionally, we’re giving you our insight into branding elements like fonts, logos and colors and what to prioritize.

These tips encourage a practical, action oriented approach prioritizing starting with what you have access to over perfectionism.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Discussion of essential equipment: cameras and microphones.

  • The importance of preparing branding elements before launching.

  • How to craft a concise bio highlighting your expertise and services.

  • How Marvelous software facilitates easy branding. Users can quickly personalize their site with existing branding assets.

  • The importance of action over perfection: Start with what you have rather than procrastinating over perfection.


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