FB Groups Are Dead

In this YouTube series, we’ll provide short, actionable, online business-building tips for wellness creators.

We’ll talk about frequently asked questions that we receive as the co-founders of Marvelous and as two women building businesses on the internet for the last 10 years.

With over 10 million groups and 1.8 million active users monthly, Facebook groups have been a go-to for businesses to foster community engagement. Recent developments however, challenge their efficacy.

In this discussion, we explore the pitfalls of using Facebook groups for business, including the distractions and negative atmosphere inherent in the platform.

Additionally, we delve into Facebook's changing rules, such as the impending API changes and finally, we propose an alternative solution: Marvelous, a comprehensive platform offering branded and seamless community integration with courses, coaching programs, and retreats.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Ethical concerns + controversies surrounding Facebook

  • Branding: How FB’s limited customization options hinder businesses

  • Surrendering control + ownership by utilizing FB communities

  • Alternatives to FB groups


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