We’re the opposite of Silicon Valley.

We aren’t bros. And we’re not building tech to eat the world… or to dopamine-jack your customer’s brains.

Point of View

We’re two women who know what it takes to get out of the dollars-for-hours trap and build a profitable knowledge business. 

We help you turn what you know into a business that leverages your unique spirit and works for your life—giving you the freedom, impact and profit you need to thrive, because we know thriving women create a thriving world. 

With our beautifully-designed tech tools, crystal clear coaching on exactly what to do at every stage of your business, and 24/7 human help that makes you feel less alone—we believe anyone can build a profitable, online business... especially marvelous you.

Jeni and Sandy founders of marvelous software

Where Technology Meets Humanity

Spiritually dissatisfied with the tech world and frustrated by the traditionally bro, ego-driven, growth-driven software business models — Jeni and Sandy set off to build a business that was connected and human.

At the time, there were ZERO examples of what this could look like.

Tech was a desert. Not a beautiful, bio-diverse desert — a dry, ugly, cracking desert. Jeni and Sandy even had to turn down traditional funding sources to stick to their values and mission (not an easy path to say the least).

The interplay of culture and tech is at the heart of Marvelous. Everything we create is beautiful, intentional, and encourages deep human-connection.

This is our chance to build the future WE want to see, live, and work within. One that reflects our values, and grows intentional communities that serve everyone.

And now the need for human-focused tech is more important than ever.

Jeni and Sandy founders of Marvelous software

We believe technology is the way to shape how we experience the world and it’s our mission to expand who has a seat at the table.

I’m Ready to Teach Online

The Online Revolution

There’s no question the world has forever changed. We have all been called to discover new ways to share our gifts, support our families, and interact with the greater world.

We know it feels daunting, but if we could tell you anything it would be...

It is possible to do meaningful work online or add a digital component to your business — while creating that flexibility and freedom you crave.

And you can do it in a way that’s not only lucrative, but that aligns with your values.

Entrepreneurship is a tool for liberation — not just financially (although the power here is unlimited) but also mentally and spiritually.

Owning a business allows for some of the deepest and transformative self-development work you can do and the payoffs are breathtaking.

It will test you, challenge you, force you to confront your fears, and encourage you to take radical leaps forward in your mindset and lifestyle in every conceivable way.

We have an opportunity to shape this new world, and this time around, build it in a way that serves EVERYONE.

If you’re ready to join us on this journey, we will support you 100%.

Jeni, Sandy, and the whole Marvelous team is here to answer your questions, celebrate your wins, and help you accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible.

You’ve got this!

intro to hip hip class online preview on Marvelous

Meet Our Marvelous Leadership Team

We are a group of playful, generous, humble people from all around the world who really care about the planet and want to help. We are here to make your day better and support you however we can!


Co-founder, CEO

Used to work for the Vice President of the United States


Co-founder, CMO

Crashed into RuPaul once… for real



A pilot, father, engineer, racer, and husband, in no particular order


Creative Director

Loves making things like quilted jackets and clothes from upcycled fabric



Was once in a terrible movie and has his own IMDB page

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